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comment bien conserver mon sac à main vegan ?

Comment bien conserver mon sac à main vegan ?
Voici nos recommandations pour l'entretien de votre sac à main en matière végétale de pommes !

  • Avoid contact with water, greasy products, perfume or cosmetics and any other product made from solvents or alcohol.
  • Préservez votre sac à main vegan de la pluie. Si votre sac venait à être mouillé, tamponnez-le avec un tissu doux.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to intense light or heat.
  • Avoid rubbing with other materials that may discolor.
  • Be careful not to scratch it or rub it against abrasive surfaces.
  • Ne posez pas votre sac au sol. Le sol abimera les bords du sac à main vegan et son dessous.
  • If it gets dirty, clean it with a soft, damp cotton cloth.
  • Avoid creams, abrasive cleaners, polishes and fabric softeners. There is no need to waterproof your bag.
  • Ne suspendez pas votre sac à main vegan. Cela déforme la matière au niveau des anses et peut changer son aspect général.
  • Empty the inside of your purse, if you don't plan to use it for a few days: empty the inside of your purse so it doesn't get deformed.
  • Keep it in shape when not in use. To keep its original appearance, fill your purse with paper (without ink). We recommend that you keep the original paper already placed inside the bag when you receive it.
  • Store your bag in its pouch. If you want to store your bag for a while, we advise you to store it in its pocket away from light, humidity and heat.