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Il était une fois Carmen & Simone...
une maison de maroquinerie végétale et engagée

Carmen & Simone's story

Carmen & Simone are the names of my grandmothers. 

I grew up in the fragrant wake of my Spanish grandmother, Carmen, and in the gentler wake of Simone, who worked on a farm in Normandy. I always loved this tender contrast between my two grandmothers. Each one showed me an aspect of femininity, and both loved to go out with a beautiful handbag. 

It was always the detail that made the difference.

Carmen was sunny, coquettish, elegant in all circumstances. It is thanks to her that I love everything that evokes womanhood, femininity and elegance.

Simone was sweetness incarnate, she wore a perfume of simplicity on a daily basis, but dressed up on Sundays and took out that gorgeous handbag that fit her so well. She was the one who showed me that a woman could wear anything, dare anything. It was when I found this famous Sunday handbag that the idea of creating Carmen & Simone has imposed itself.

for women by women

I wanted to allow women to find the right handbag for every day, every moment, every occasion. 

I also wanted to pay tribute to these two wonderful women who loved leather goods, who were truly happy to go out with a beautiful piece on their arm. Finally, I wanted to create a different kind of leather goods, in their image, respecting the animal as well as the nature, joining forever the values they had transmitted to me.

Two women that everything opposed, culture as well as work, daily life as well as spirit, were united on the image of the woman, on her place in the world and on the impact that a handbag could create. Everything clashed except the love of fashion and style. I would like them to inspire other women who can, in turn, dare to do anything. 

In a few words, I am passionate, grateful, respectful of nature and animals, totally obsessed with leather goods and fashion, and I never go out without a handbag I feel good in. Alive. Happy. Free. At Carmen & Simone 

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