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Carmen & Simone is committed to eco-responsible fashion. The wish of the brand is to guarantee a production made in good conditions.
To do so, she strives to produce in a reasonable way to avoid overproduction. Carmen & Simone then uses sustainable materials with low environmental impact. The Apple skin/apple leather meets all these points.

At Carmen & Simone, fashion is a passion! We need to create, to think, bags for women. We know the excesses of the fashion industry, but we refuse to deprive ourselves.
Long researches led us to this new material that we now master.

It is with pride that we can say that sustainable fashion is possible. It is a commitment that we take to heart. Fashion is passion, but it is also committed, ethical, respectful of animals and the environment. All this is possible!

a transparent brand

At Carmen & Simone, the production will be limited, and therefore reasoned. The waste will be limited, the apple leather always used. 

This material, of great quality, is made to last in time.
A bag from home will make a life, and then some!

The company will always be transparent about its production chain and the origin of its products so that you are always informed.
You participate in this eco-responsible approach.
Vous redevenez acteur, maitre de la consommation.
Nous marchons, main dans la main pour construire le monde de demain, avec des valeurs et l’amour du travail bien fait.

Do not hesitate to find us in the tab "Our materials" to understand all our production system and to launch you in the adventure of apple leather with Carmen & Simone!