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Pourquoi choisir les matières végétales pour la fabrication de sacs à main vegan ?

Carmen & Simone is committed to eco-responsible fashion.

The wish of the brand is to guarantee a production carried out in good conditions.
For this, it endeavors to produce in a reasonable way to avoid any overproduction.

Carmen & Simone then uses sustainable materials with low environmental impact. 

L’Apple skin, matière faite à base de déchets de pommes, répond à tous ces points.

At Carmen & Simone, fashion is a passion! We need to create, to think, bags for women. 

We know the drifts of the fashion industry, but we refuse to deprive ourselves for all that.
Long research led us to this new material that we now master.

It is with pride that we can say that sustainable fashion is possible. It is a commitment that we take to heart. Fashion is passion, but it is also committed, ethical, respectful of animals and the environment. All this is possible!

Le "cuir" de pomme - coup de coeur de Carmen & Simone

We have chosen Apple Skin for our handbags.
Apple Skin, is a material made from apple waste.
This material comes from the food industry where apples are used to make juice, cider and compotes.
The waste such as dehydrated pulp, peels, and core will be recovered to be transformed into powder.
Il faut savoir que ce plus de 30 000 tonnes de déchets de pommes sont réutilisés chaque année pour la création de l’Apple Skin.
This powder will then be incorporated with an insulating material and a mixture of pigments, before being coated on a woven underlayment.
À la fin du processus, nous obtenons un tissu résistant, flexible et durable.L’Apple Skin est 100 % vegan, durable, imperméable et éco-responsable.Nos sacs à main Carmen & Simone sont certifiés Peta Approved Vegan.


There is no animal material. This point was essential for the designer, Chloé Durand, concerned about the respect of animals and the environment. The apple leather is a vegetable leather that does not require slaughter or testing on animals. 

Finally, our vegetable apple leather resists to everything! We tested it in the workshop and were bluffed by its solidity. After one year, our apple leather prototype, worn daily, without any particular care, has kept all its elegance. Accidental snags remain invisible. 

Like all our materials, apple leather is water repellent, light, easy to care for and can be washed with a damp cloth. 

Ecological, respectful, resistant, and elegant: you will not be able to leave it!


The bag is imagined, thought, designed, in the south of France, in the workshops of Carmen & Simone.

The bag will then be sent in a 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard produced in France. 

La matière végétale de pommes provient d’Italie. 

The protective bags come from Spain. They are made of organic cotton. 

Le sac à main est lui fabriqué au Portugal.

Manufacturing in these two nearby countries guarantees compliance with European environmental standards and local laws for workers.